No I didn’t believe the headline either. Not at first anyway. That was until I was introduced to the wonderful world of stoozing. Now at this point I will let Wikipedia offer you a definition of stoozing.

“Stoozing, derived from the verb stooz, is a slang term used to describe the act of borrowing money at an interest rate of 0%, a rate typically offered by credit card companies as an incentive for new customers. The money is then placed in a high interest bank account to make a profit from the interest earned. The borrower (or “stoozer”) then pays the money back before the 0% period ends. It is important to note that the borrower does not typically have a real debt to service, but instead uses the money loaned to them to earn interest.”

So how you make money is that you borrow as much money as you can from credit card companies that are offering introductory offers of 0% and then you place all this money on deposit at a higher rate of interest say for example 5%. Then at the end of the introductory 0% period you take your money out of your deposit account and repay your credit card company. In effect you have made 5% interest on the borrowed money.

There are a number of things to take into consideration before you engage in a stoozing campaign.

How much can you borrow?

How long does the 0% interest rate last?

What are the balance transfer fees?

What rate of tax will be applied to the interest that you earn?

What deposit rate will you get? You need to have a high yield instant access deposit account in order to make your stoozing effective.A couple of other things that need to be considered include.

You will need to continue to make the minimum monthly payment on your credit cards.Stoozing works best if you have little or no debts as your existing debts would be better served if you transferred them to the 0% card and focussed on paying them off.

There will be a lot of administration and form filling involved so if you are not comfortable with this then may be stoozing is not for you.

There are a couple of excellent websites that cover the topic of stoozing in a lot more detail than I could hope to so I will direct you to them. One is focused on the UK market and the other is focused on the US market. I suggest you look at both sites as the principles of stoozing are the same and the only differences are the types of cards and interest/tax rates that apply.

Remember this is a potential way of earning a small but not insignificant extra bit of cash. So while it may not be for you I recommend that you take the time to learn about it because it gives a useful insight into how you can be creative with your credit cards.

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  1. Credit card debt is a problem for many people and is a major contributor to personal debt. Funding your lifestyle with a credit card is easy but the hard part is paying it off and clearing the debt.

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