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A lot of people are starting to talk about Bitcoins.  When your neighbor starts telling you that they invested in coins then you know the bubble is right around the corner.  One thing is that the price keeps going up as more and more people want to invest.

The rumor is that 1000 individuals control 40% of the bitcoins and that there is a limited supply.  There will only be 21 million coins released and once that is released that is it.  There can never be anymore coins issued.  Coins can get lost when the key to the coin is misplaced or damaged so that number will only decrease over time.

The idea when it was developed is that like gold there is a finite supple.  Like gold the coins are mined by people with powerful computers who run the code to  develop new coins.

The question is if you buy coins today and hold them can you make a profit.  The way things have been going prices could continue to increase and maybe you double your investment or quadruple it.  That would be a great way to pay down your debt or lose your investment if Bitcoin tanks.

If you want to learn more check out crypto syntax. They explain all the syntax and language of crypto coins and review the different exchanges and wallets.  They also have a beginners guide on how to buy bit coin.  The first thing you should do if you want to invest is educate yourself.