Build A Budget

Though there are a lot budget programs that people can find over the internet, some still fail to do it on their own. For people who want to succeed at making budgetary programs, they can use Gail’s Interactive Budget Worksheet which can greatly help them in monitoring their programs when it comes to budgeting money. To start, people should follow the listed guidelines below.

  1. First is to obtain the budget worksheet and fill all the spaces under income. Then do same for the monthly net income.

  2. Next, fill in the sources of income. Monthly salaries can be used in this category.

  3. Using bank statements and money spent in the recent months as basis, fill in the space allocated for fixed expenses.

  4. For the Saving category, divide the monthly income by 100 and multiply the answer by 5. The answer is the minimum amount that should be saved every month. Also, don’t forget to place $100 under “emergency.”

  5. Under “debt repayment,” place the total monthly debt repayment amount include the mortgages and car lease.

  6. At the bottom most line on the worksheet is the category “income-expenses.” This includes the Variable Expenses which includes subcategories for other expenses that may occur.

As a note, the maximum amount that can be spent is already indicated in the worksheet as soon as the necessary information are filled in. However, the use of such budget program will be futile if people will not exercise the utmost discipline in following the program.